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Was Falcon given the "love interest" role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

One of the very few ~spoilers I heard before I saw this movie was that in terms of storytelling tropes, Sam Wilson’s role was very similar to that of a love interest. And you know what? It totally was.
imageRight from Sam’s introduction at the beginning of the movie, he’s instantly characterised as an appealing and fundamentally ~good character. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe that park scene as a “meet cute,” with Steve being so drawn to Sam that he has to befriend him, and Sam being so open and receptive that he invites Steve to come visit him where he works. On their second meeting, Steve is impressed by Sam’s work as a counsellor for military veterans, and Sam and Steve almost immediately open up to each other about intensely personal aspects of their life: the death of Sam’s best friend, and Steve’s uncertainty about his life in the 21st century. This exchange has such an impact on both of them that Steve feels able to show up on Sam’s doorstep as a fugitive, and Sam is willing to risk his life to fight alongside him. The film ends with the implication that Sam is going to quit his job to go help Steve track down the Winter Soldier.



Unfinished Duet

At first there were too many branches
so he cut them and then it was winter.
He meaning you. Yes. He would look out
the window and stare at the trees that once
had too many branches and now seemed
to have too few. Is that all? No, there were
other attempts, breakfasts: plates served,
plates carried away. He doesn’t know
what to do with his hands.
He likes the feel
of the coffeepot. More than the hacksaw?
Yes, and he likes flipping the chairs,
watching them fill with people. He likes
the orange juice and toast of it, and waxed
floors in any light. He wants to be tender
and merciful.
That sounds overly valorous.
Sounds like penance. And his hands?
His hands keep turning into birds and
flying away from him. Him being you.
Yes. Do you love yourself? I don’t have to
answer that. It should matter. He has a
body but it doesn’t matter, clean sheets
on the bed but it doesn’t matter. This is
where he trots out his sadness. Little black
cloud, little black umbrella.
You miss
the point: the face in the mirror is a little
traitor, the face in the mirror is a pale
and naked hostage and no one can tell
which room he’s being held in. He wants
in, he wants out, he wants the antidote.
He stands in front of the mirror with a net,
hoping to catch something.
he wants to
move forward into the afternoon because
there is no other choice. Everyone in this
room got here somehow and everyone in
this room will have to leave.
So what’s left?
Sing a song about the room we’re in?
Hammer in the pegs that fix the meaning
to the landscape? The voice wants to be
a hand and the hand wants to do something
useful. What did you really want?
to pass this with me. You wanted more.
I want what everyone wants. He raises
the moon on a crane for effect, cue the violins.

That’s what the violins are for. And yes,
he raises the moon on a crane and scrubs it
until it shines. So what does it shine on?
Nothing. Was there no one else? Left-handed
truth, right-handed truth, there’s no pure
way to say it. The wind blows and it makes
a noise. Pain makes a noise. We bang on
the pipes and it makes a noise. Was there
no one else?
His hands keep turning into
birds, and his hands keep flying away
from him. Eventually the birds must land.

Richard Siken, in Crush




i can’t stop thinking about derek-centric mchaleinski, scott and stiles reaching out to him and seeing how much he needs them and how much they can help him and just wanting to be good to him and teach him how to be good to himself and how to believe he deserves it

i can’t stop thinking about stiles baking brownies while scott gives derek a shoulder rub

scott borrowing fancy bath products from melissa to pamper derek

stiles making mixtapes of relaxing music (“no, it’s not a literal mixtape, derek, oh my god, how old are you?!”)

scott and stiles filling the loft with laughter and light and warmth

i can’t stop thinking about scott and stiles as boyfriends who start this off totally innocently but then it develops into something more, or maybe scott and stiles as boyfriends who totally know they want to date derek too and set out with that goal in mind or maybe just the three of them being people who care for each other, giving derek a little extra love and attention, the three of them falling into a rhythm and not knowing that they’re becoming boyfriends until it’s already happened


Yes, Scott and Stiles are dating, and they’ve been inviting Derek more and more into their lives—
Every now and then, something will happen: Scott will start to rub Derek’s shoulders and he catches Stiles’ eye, and there’s a moment of “is this okay?”  
And Stiles smiles and winks- not a suggestive wink, not even cheeky— just a “we’re cool, babe.”

The moment where they’re all together on the couch- it’s pouring, coming down in sheets outside, and they’ve peeled off their damp, cold-smelling clothes and changed into old comfy stuff of Dereks.
They haven’t bothered to turn on a light, and it’s dark; the heavy, soft rythm of the rain pressing them together.

Stiles makes some joke and Scott kisses him, then impulsively leans over and kisses Derek, quick, full on the mouth.  
There’s a pause before Derek leans in deliberately and returns the kiss.   

As they pull apart, Derek turns his head languidly to Stiles, who’s watching them both intently.
He closes the distance between them- a short, soft kiss that has Stiles smacking his lips and humming when it ends.

Scott watches, smiling big like he can’t help himself, resting his head on Stiles’s shoulder. Derek is nestled into the crook of Stiles’ armpit on his other side.  Scott can feel Stiles’ shallow breathing- hear Derek’s breath picking up as well.
He runs a hand through his wet hair and it feels like FINALLY as he smiles at them both and says, quiet, husky:
"You guys wanna shower, or can we go straight to bed?"

do the three of them shower together?

does stiles gently scrub derek’s body with a loofah while scott shampoos derek’s hair and gives him a scalp massage???






for those saying derek didn’t have a choice when giving up his status to save cora: yes he did

nobody forced him to save cora

if derek valued power and his alpha status more than his sister’s life he could have called jennifer and asked her to heal cora

if derek valued power and his alpha status over the people he cares about he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill any of his betas

the turning point for derek where he finally decided he didn’t care about power was when boyd died. that was the moment that he realized his actions as an alpha were hurting the people around him. that was the moment where he realized his friends and family were more important than power could ever be.


This is exactly why he should be an alpha again. (Though I don’t entirely agree with the part about his actions as an alpha hurting people— especially in the case of Boyd and Erica’s deaths they are not and never will be Derek’s fault— because while he did hurt people, which is not by any means okay, he still did no more so damage than most others on the show have. Like Allison, Scott, Jackson, etc)

An alpha who values their friends and family to the extent Derek does, one who cares for them, teaches them, and considers their safety to be of the utmost importance is what makes a real alpha.

The fact that Derek was willing to give up his power to save a life, is proof in and of itself that Derek is the real alpha of Teen Wolf

first of all: nah

second of all: nah

"An alpha who values their friends and family to the extent Derek does, one who cares for them, teaches them, and considers their safety to be of the utmost importance is what makes a real alpha."

derek may value his friends and family now but before it was very apparent that he wanted scott, isaac, boyd, and erica around simply for power. he said it himself “you’re right scott, it is about power” direct quote from derek hale s2

derek didn’t teach scott a n y t h i n g? he was very unwilling to teach scott much of anything unless there was something in it for him “listen i’ll help you, but it won’t come for free” (this is probably paraphrasing to some extent) but he totally said this to scott when scott was trying to find a way to control himself as a brand new werewolf who was bitten against his will

derek didn’t even teach his betas much of anything? he wasn’t exactly very honest with them about what was in store, he didn’t tell them the whole story of why he needed a pack so badly and he didn’t accurately express to them the danger that they’d be in? isaac s3A said “why’d you do this to us derek?” he clearly wasn’t forthcoming with information which is something you definitely should be if you’re going to turn a bunch of vulnerable teenagers into werewolves who will lose control every full moon and potentially kill someone or be hunted because of what they are

derek didn’t consider their safety to be of utmost importance? otherwise he probably would have told them the complete honest truth about how much danger they’d be in once he turned them. he also probably wouldn’t have broken the arm of a boy who was a victim of abuse, or thrown a glass at him like he probably knew his father had done previously.

scott was the one who was willing to tell isaac boyd and erica the whole truth about being a werewolf. scott was the one who thought their safety and well being was more important than them being werewolves. scott was the one who was willing to teach them control. scott was the one who considered them his responsibility. scott is the one who would always have willingly given up his life to save someone he cared about, or even someone he barely knew tbh. you are purposely giving derek scott’s characterization here.

not to mention that derek DIDN’T LIKE BEING AN ALPHA. he didn’t like having all that responsibility, he didn’t like being in charge of people, ever since he became a beta he’s been so much more relaxed, so much more comfortable, so much more willing to help out people who he maybe didn’t like helping, so much more willing to question his motives before jumping into a situation, so much more willing to analyze a threat before attacking, he’s just a better, happier derek hale now. i don’t know why you want so desperately to thrust derek into a position that he wasn’t comfortable or happy in when it’s so obvious that he’s 1000 times happier being by scott’s side and being a beta to scott. none of this is bad, none of this makes derek weak.

just…idk man it’s really frustrating that the majority of fandom wants to put derek in this position that he not only doesn’t care about but doesn’t want or like

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