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I know everybody is all aboard the Cocky College Student!Stiles train, but can we talk about Cocky College Student!Derek for a second here?? Where are the fics where Derek is the older guy that sweeps back into town and corrupts nubile Stiles?? Where are the fics where Derek guards his sweet, tender heart with a heavy coating of bad boy?? Where are the fics where Stiles is intrigued by Derek’s gruff but cool exterior??

(And Stiles doesn’t know if he’s ever seen anyone look quite that gorgeous while sucking down a toke, but then again he’s never seen a person take a toke in real life especially not while Stiles was straddling their waist and looking down on them with barely restrained awe. And Derek just sort of smirks at Stiles’ gaping mouth and does a little jerk with his chin that would mean “come here” if he was dealing with anyone that had even a modicum of experience. But he’s not. He’s with Stiles who just cocks his head to the side like the lost little puppy he is. And it makes Derek grin. A wolfish, half terrifying grin. The other half is like a silver lure in murky water. He sits up—which would probably have sent Stiles flying backward if it weren’t for the solid hand just above his belt—joint forgotten somewhere on the bedside table, brings them chest to chest. 

And suddenly Derek’s mouth is ghosting over Stiles’ pulse point, light stubble just grazing there. Stiles is so so quiet, so still. He doesn’t quite know why. They’re skirting a line here, a line he’s never even touched before, a line he desperately wants to cross. It’s like if he moves he’ll break this. Doesn’t even know what ‘this’ is.  And Derek’s mouth…it hesitates for just a second before opening slightly, just enough for Stiles to feel the slick warmth of his tongue press against skin and set his nerves alight. The sensation skitters down his body, pools just in his lower abdomen. His hips rock forward and a little gasp of breath fills the delicate silence. Derek grins against his neck, and Stiles knows that whatever he had been trying not to break, whatever fragile thing he’d been protecting just shattered across the taupe carpet of Derek’s room. He can’t even find it in him to regret it.)

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Anonymous asked:

Wish I was lucky enough to meet you at a con. do you go home with a lot of random people each time? if so can i also take pictures of you naked and post them online if we do?

No, I don’t typically go home with random people at a con. I had previously gotten to know savingthrowvssexy before the Mnpls Con and we planned to meet up while I was there. Also, why would I agree to go home and have sex with you when you can’t even bother to introduce yourself to me or even come off of anon?

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